MONDAY’S MINI-REPORT…. Today’s edition of quick hits:

* The containment cap in the Gulf is gradually collecting even more of the gushing oil. Nevertheless, a bigger cap is in the works, which will provide a tighter and more effective fit.

* After a briefing from Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, President Obama said at a cabinet meeting that the administration would hold BP fully accountable, and that officials would work with states to revitalize the Gulf Coast in the long run.

* BP thinks it’s paid “every claim” thus far. It hasn’t.

* Afghanistan: “Ten NATO soldiers, including seven Americans, were killed in a wave of violence in Afghanistan on Monday — the deadliest day this year for the international forces. The bloodshed came as Taliban insurgents ramp up bombings and attacks on NATO forces ahead of a major operation in the southern Taliban stronghold of Kandahar that Washington hopes will turn the tide of the war.”

* Mohamed Mahmood Alessa and Carlos Eduardo Almonte: “Two New Jersey men who were bound for Somalia with the stated intention of joining an Islamic extremist group to kill American troops were arrested at Kennedy International Airport late Saturday, federal and local authorities said on Sunday.” They seem to have been complete idiots.

* Afghanistan’s top intelligence chief and interior minister quit over the weekend.

* Wikileaks’ source gets busted: “Federal officials have arrested an Army intelligence analyst who boasted of giving classified U.S. combat video and hundreds of thousands of classified State Department records to whistleblower site Wikileaks, has learned.”

* If the federal government puts money into the economy, and state governments take money out of the economy, the result isn’t encouraging.

* Just think of the money we’d save if we closed the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.

* Right-wing criticism of the media might be slightly more coherent if those doing the criticizing were even vaguely aware of what the media actually reports.

* Fact-checking the Sunday shows.

* As Newsweek‘s troubles continue, it has to hope that it doesn’t lose its best talent. It’s already a serious problem: Michael Isikoff has left the magazine to join NBC News.

* College isn’t just about knowledge acquisition and learning.

* Replacing a fake White House correspondent with a fake news network isn’t a good idea: don’t give Helen Thomas’ seat to Fox News.

* Ironic signs at BP gas stations: “Warning: Do Not Leave Pumps Unattended. You Are Responsible For Spills.”

Anything to add? Consider this an open thread.

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