AWKWARD…. Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle is on Capitol Hill today, hoping to convince party leaders and her would-be colleagues that she’s not stark raving mad. As part of her tour, Angle will be introduced to GOP senators and party officials by her home-state senator, Nevada’s John Ensign.

[A]pparently not all Senate Republicans are thrilled with Ensign’s move to bring Angle’s at the weekly gathering.

A senior GOP Senate source said Ensign didn’t officially inform those who run the lunch, which Ensign used to do before he was forced to resign from his leadership post.

“This is Ensign going rogue in an attempt to rehabilitate his soiled reputation by latching onto someone popular with Nevada voters,” said the source.

And what does Angle think of her Senate escort? Late last year, Angle responded to Ensign’s humiliating sex scandal by telling reporters, “If your wife can’t trust you, how can I trust you?”

So, the party isn’t thrilled with Angle; Angle isn’t thrilled with Ensign; and Ensign isn’t scoring any points with his own GOP colleagues.

What an awkward situation for everyone involved.

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