JUDGING LEADERS BY THEIR LUCKINESS…. Sometimes, I just don’t know what Peggy Noonan is trying to say. From today’s column:

The president is starting to look snakebit… Mr. Obama is starting to look unlucky, and — file this under Mysteries of Leadership — that is dangerous for him because Americans get nervous when they have a snakebit president. They want presidents on whom the sun shines.

Noonan went on to say that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will have to consider whether to challenge the president in a Democratic primary in two years. Because maybe she’d be luckier. Or something.

I’ve read Noonan’s columns for quite a while, and I can usually decipher the message when she delves into metaphysical/mystical political observations, but her point here eludes me. I’m trying to follow the logic: bad things happen … they’re not the president’s fault … the president gets blamed because Americans prefer lucky presidents?

This is all part of the “Mysteries of Leadership”?

It was almost as if Noonan was trying to argue that God has chosen not to help the Obama presidency. This might be more effective on “The 700 Club,” but a respected columnist should at least try to show a little more seriousness of thought.

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