Brennan Bird, a senior at the University of California, Davis, decided to try and reduce his consumption by living with his own trash for a year. Starting on New Year’s Day, Bird, began to store every noncompostable bottle, can, wrapper, and piece of paper he used—in his house.

Except that, well, people throw out their trash for a reason. According to a piece by Lonnie Wong of FOX40 News in Sacremento:

His plan was to live with the trash he produced in his tiny domed student cooperative living unit so that he would be encouraged to reduce his garbage output. But when health and safety officers got wind of his project he agreed to box the trash up and store it off site.

The pile of [garbage] covered a 6 by 15 foot area. This doesn’t include biodegradable food items…. Bird says his trash is a good indicator of his lifestyle. “I think looking at your trash is the best way to analyze your lifestyle. You can see I like to party and I like to have a good time,” said Bird.

One wonders where the “off site” location is. His parents’ basement? Bird plans to weigh and sort his trash after a year, use most of the trash to try to build things, and dispose of or recycle the rest. [Image via]

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