The University of Illinois is no longer going spend $98,000 to construct a statue in honor of Stanley Ikenberry, wonderful though Ikenberry no doubt is. According to an article by Jodi Cohen in the Chicago Tribune:

The sculpture, which was to hang in the dining hall in the new Ikenberry Commons opening this fall, was to be paid for with student housing fees.

U. of I. spokesman Thomas Hardy said Thursday that Ikenberry called off the project Monday shortly after the Tribune started asking questions. The artist, [Urbana-based sculptor Peter Fagan] was informed Thursday.

The university will go ahead with its plans to name a $75.7 million dormitory after Ikenberry. The beloved president will have served the university for a total of 17 years when he retires at the end of this month.

The state legislature currently owes the university some $700 million. [Image via]

Daniel Luzer

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