VITTER MANAGES TO SHED ANY PRETENSE OF CLASS…. In light of all his scandals, Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) really should know better than to take cheap shots at women. But the right-wing senator who’s been struggling to hold onto even a shred of decency just can’t help himself. Greg Sargent reports today:

On a right wing radio station this morning, Senator David Vitter appeared to suggest that MSNBC host Rachel Maddow only looked like a woman “a long time ago,” a crack that was greeted by uproarious laughter by the radio hosts.

The exchange came on Rush Radio 99.5 in New Orleans this morning, during some banter about how they all looked a long time ago. The hosts suggested Vitter should produce images of his youth, and one brought up Maddow’s high school yearbook photo, which has been making the rounds on the Internet, joking that she looked “like a woman” in the picture.

Vitter laughed and said: “Must have been a long time ago.”

Look, I’m not exactly a neutral observer here; I consider Rachel Maddow a friend. But one need not know Rachel personally to be insulted by Vitter’s cheap and stupid remarks.

At this point, it’s hardly unreasonable to conclude David Vitter just has a problem when it comes to women. It’s the kind of thinking that led him to betray his wife with prostitutes, and it’s the kind of thinking that led him to pay a violent criminal to oversee women’s issues for the Senate office, despite the aide having attacked his ex-girlfriend with a knife.

Now Vitter’s of the opinion that Rachel Maddow doesn’t look like a woman? Are we to assume the right-wing senator is now taking an interest in the haircuts of media professionals?

For crying out loud, Vitter’s a United States senator. Given how humiliated he’s been with his extra-curricular escapades, Vitter should be going out of his way to show at least a little class.

Update: Vitter has apparently apologized to Rachel in a note.

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