To address a situation that appears intriguingly similar to the situation at Quinnipiac University, the American Association of University Women) has given almost $12,000 to the Women’s Law Project to help the organization with a lawsuit. According to an article by Wade Malcolm in The News Journal:

Facing a gender discrimination lawsuit, Delaware State University needed to prove it was expanding access to women’s athletics, despite cutting its equestrian team this year. The university argued it had an ideal solution to offer more opportunities to women without the strain of equestrian on its budget. “DSU intends to create a new women’s varsity sport — competitive cheerleading,” the university argued in a March federal court filing.

Some 15 members of the Delaware State University women’s equestrian team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against their school. They argue that the school’s decision to eliminate the equestrian team (effective next year) violates women’s right to have equal access to athletics under Title IX. [Image via]

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