THE O’DONNELL HITS JUST KEEP ON COMING…. We’ve already learned quite a bit about Christine O’Donnell, the Republican Senate nominee in Delaware, and none of the revelations are especially flattering. But the revelations continue, and Richard Allen Smith flags the latest gem.

O’Donnell has articulated many extreme and/or ridiculous positions (for example, no lying to Nazis to protect Jews, and fervent opposition to masturbation), but one in particular stands out to me as a former Soldier. Christine O’Donnell doesn’t want women in service schools.

There was a debate not too long ago over whether to allow women into institutions like the Citadel, and it was fairly common for conservatives to protect the “traditional” educational settings. But O’Donnell went much further than most, insisting, “By integrating women into particularly military institutes, it cripples the readiness of our defense.”

O’Donnell, in other words, believes women at service academies is dangerous for America.

Ryan J. Reilly, meanwhile, compiled O’Donnell’s top 10 quotes on a variety of issues she cares about. The Republican Senate nominee — labeled “The Woman Who’s Against Everything” — is not only against masturbation, but also feminism, government anti-AIDS spending, psychics, nude sunbathing, and certain forms of dancing, among other things.

This from a candidate who enjoys the official support and financial backing of the Republican Party and its national leadership.

By the way, those hoping to learn more about O’Donnell by stopping by her website will likely be disappointed — as with Sharron Angle after her primary win, O’Donnell’s site has been stripped of literally all of its content, except a splash page asking for money.

One assumes savvy Democrats have plenty of screen shots, and we’ll know what kind of changes her campaign made.

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