As it appears everyone knows by now, many people in Britain are very, very angry about the collation government’s push to impose higher tuition on students attending British universities.

On Thursday the House of Commons passed a bill to increase tuition. Three ministerial aides resigned in protest.

Last night tuition protestors apparently attacked a car carrying the Prince of Wales. According to an Associated Press article in Fox News:

Student protesters vented their anger on the most elite, and supposedly well-protected, of targets — a car containing the heir to the British throne and his consort, the Duchess of Cornwall.

The couple were heading to a theater for a charity variety performance Thursday when their Rolls Royce crossed paths with a volatile gang of demonstrators who attacked the vehicle with fists, boots and bottles — and chanted “Off with their heads!”

This, of course, is silly. The prince has no role in policy making and his own views on tuition increases, like virtually all political questions, are unknown.

Prime Minister David Cameron, who is very much responsible for the decision to increase tuition, called the incident with the royal car “shocking and regrettable.” According to the article “police will have to answer questions about a security breach that brought an angry mob within touching distance of the future king and his wife.”

That is maybe not quite the point.

The bill would allow British universities to charge a maximum tuition roughly equivalent to that now paid by students at the average American state university.

Britain’s government is made up of officials from the Conservative and Liberal Democratic parties. Both of these parties previously campaigned on promises to abolish tuition fees, which were first imposed on British students in 1998. [Image via]

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Daniel Luzer is the news editor at Governing Magazine and former web editor of the Washington Monthly. Find him on Twitter: @Daniel_Luzer