Apparently students at the University of Maine stopped a class from making a documentary film about killing and skinning rabbits. According to an article by Abigail Curtis in the Bangor Daily News:

The rabbit’s close call happened during final presentations for the Camden International Film Festival Course in the Arthur Hill Auditorium in Barrows Hall. About 60 students and one professor were present when senior English major Dane Bolding walked to the front of the class after lunch with the rabbit in a box and a plan.

“I feel like documentary films often put a lot in front of us,” Bolding said Tuesday in a telephone interview. “I guess that my intention was to really put something in front of the class.”

Bolding said that he has taught himself how to butcher and skin animals because he wants to know where his food comes from. He also said that people eat meat but don’t want to know the violence behind how animals are slaughtered and how the food is prepared.

The dean of students, Robert Dana, said that Bolding will likely face sanctions for his attempt to butcher a rabbit in class.

“Developmental sanctions are designed to help people understand about appropriate times and places to make a point,” said Dana.

Then again, Bolding’s goal was probably to emphasize that “appropriate times and places” are just a way to keep information from people; anyone willing to eat a dead animal should be willing to watch it die. Not that college students tend to be regular consumers of scrumptious rabbit meat.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin kills a Moose on television and 5 million people watch. [Image via]

Daniel Luzer

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