MONDAY’S CAMPAIGN ROUND-UP…. Today’s installment of campaign-related news items that wouldn’t necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:

* In a surprise move, Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) is resigning from Congress to become the new director of the Woodrow Wilson Center. There will be a special election in California 36th district to replace her.

* As expected, Rep. Denny Rehberg (R) formally announced over the weekend that he’s running for the U.S. Senate in Montana, will take on incumbent Sen. Jon Tester (D) next year.

* Speaking of confirming what we already suspected, Indiana state Treasurer Richard Mourdock acknowledged over the weekend — twice — that he is taking on Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) in a Republican primary next year.

* In Nevada, Rep. Shelley Berkley (D) is inching closer to a U.S. Senate campaign in Nevada, though she apparently wants to make sure she won’t have a primary opponent. The seat is currently held by scandal-plagued Sen. John Ensign (R), who is seeking another term.

* On a related note, Nevada will hold one of the earliest Republican presidential nominating contests next year, but while likely candidates spend a great deal of time in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, aspirants appear to be blowing off Nevada. Fascinating data point: “More potential GOP candidates have traveled to Israel this year — three — than to Nevada.”

* In a modern first, the 2012 Democratic National Convention will not accept any corporate donations at all, with the intended goal of “increasing the influence of grassroots and individual donors.” It’s safe to assume the Republican National Convention will not follow suit.

* In the “invisible primary” phase, there’s a very large field of likely GOP presidential candidates, but don’t assume we know all of the candidates just yet. Former two-term Alabama Gov. Bob Riley (R) is apparently eyeing the race, too.

* And as of today, the Iowa caucuses are just 363 days away. There are still no Republican candidates (except for that guy in Georgia who owned a pizza company).

Steve Benen

Follow Steve on Twitter @stevebenen. Steve Benen is a producer at MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show. He was the principal contributor to the Washington Monthly's Political Animal blog from August 2008 until January 2012.