RON JOHNSON MANAGES TO GET LITERALLY EVERYTHING WRONG…. In recognition of the first anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, Sen. Ron Johnson (R) of Wisconsin published an ugly screed in the Wall Street Journal. In a piece that was almost impressive in its offensiveness, the rookie senator suggested his adult daughter, born with a heart defect, would have died had the Affordable Care Act been in place at the time.

I can’t help but reflect on a medical miracle made possible by the American health-care system. The procedure that saved her, and has given her a chance at a full life, was available because America has a free-market system that has advanced medicine at a phenomenal pace. […]

The plain truth is that the American system is better at rewarding innovation and responding to consumer needs. But the history of government-led care is there for all to see.

As we discussed the other day, Johnson’s argument isn’t just wrong, it’s ridiculous. Aaron Carroll offered perhaps the most detailed, substantive critique of the piece, and simply tore the senator’s garbage op-ed to shreds.

But Igor Volsky discovered an error that’s actually rather amusing.

[T]he procedure Johnson’s daughter received may not have been developed in the United States but rather in Brazil or France — nations that now benefit from some form of universal coverage.

According to CAP Senior Fellow (and resident biochemist) Dr. Lesley Russell, it is most likely that the surgery Carey had was first performed and reported in Brazil in 1975, where doctors described their version of the procedure as “the first successful report of total correction of transposition of the great vessels at the arterial level.” Alternatively, Johnson’s daughter may have had what’s known as The LeCompte procedure, which was developed in France in 1981.

In other words, we’re left with a case in which Ron Johnson got literally everything wrong, including his premise.

It stood to reason the WSJ would run a piece from a congressional Republican trashing the reform law on Wednesday, but the paper couldn’t find someone who at least pretends to know what he/she is talking about?

Steve Benen

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