THE ENDURING SYSTEM OF ‘WINGNUT WELFARE’…. A few years ago, Paul Krugman noted a common phenomenon in modern conservatism: “One important pillar of conservative political dominance, I believe, is the phenomenon sometimes called ‘wingnut welfare’: loyalists are always assured of decent employment, no matter how badly they perform.”


Dana Perino is going into the publishing business. Crown Forum, the conservative imprint of Random House, announced this morning that she has been named editorial director of the imprint, in charge of drumming up six to eight book projects a year.

NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez reports that the job grew out of the work that Perino had down for Crown as the communications strategist for her former boss’s book, Decision Points. […]

One of Perino’s first big tasks will be driving the promotional campaign for Charles Krauthammer’s next book, scheduled to be published ahead of the 2012 election.

I found Oliver Willis’ take on this quite compelling.

Dana Perino is known for her role in the failed Bush administration, where she beclowned herself on a near-daily basis, once notably for punting on the Cuban Missile Crisis. Then she went where almost all of the members of the failed Bush administration go — Fox News. Now, she’s going to be a part of the conservative book industry (lack of history knowledge is a feature, not a bug there). Always a bag of money around for one the certified liars.

That’s what “wingnut welfare” is all about, right?

Steve Benen

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