Texas Tech University has launched a new graduate program, an online doctorate in education, a program geared specifically for community college administrators.

According to a piece by Scott Manning at U.S. News & World Report:

In an effort to help more professionals in this field become eligible for higher-paying positions, Texas Tech University’s College of Education recently announced in a press release that it will admit a second group of students into its online doctor of education (Ed.D.) program. The degree track has a concentration in community college administration.

“We expected this program to be popular but even we were overwhelmed by the response,” said Stephanie Jones, assistant professor and coordinator for the offering. “This degree program is exactly what many community college administrators previously hoped for; this is their opportunity to build their careers and strengthen the organizations they proudly serve.”

Ok, come on. This sounds like Texas Tech is just exploiting a pretty synthetic market.

Community colleges are now facing major funding shortages and a push to dramatically improve low graduation rates. Isn’t it time to encourage more innovative leadership? Let’s have a serious discussion about leaving behind rules about promotions being connected only to academic degrees.

Just making people “eligible for higher-paying positions” doesn’t actually make them any good in those positions. With all the trouble community colleges are having lately, will more online doctorates really help? [Image via]

Daniel Luzer

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