DCCC WASTES NO TIME, LAUNCHES MEDICARE ADS…. On Friday, just about every member of the House Republican caucus voted for a radical budget plan that, among other things, eliminates the Medicare program, replacing it with a privatized voucher system. This morning, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) launched the first of many salvos on the issue.

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This ad, which is likely to get people talking, features seniors forced to tackle jobs they wouldn’t otherwise do — selling lemonade, mowing lawns, and stripping — in order to have money for their health care. The spot is funny, but the message is serious: “Seniors will have to find $12,500 for health care … because Republicans voted to end Medicare.”

The ad, not coincidentally, is hitting the airwaves just as lawmakers return home for a congressional recess, and will air in 25 targeted districts represented by vulnerable Republicans. What’s more, Greg Sargent noted that the DCCC hopes to raise an additional $25,000 in the next 48 hours, so it can specifically air the spot in Speaker Boehner’s Ohio district.

The DCCC’s efforts also include new radio ads and robocalls on the same message, targeting the same Republicans.

Dems clearly believe this is a political winner for them — a belief bolstered by polls — and it makes a lot of sense to get to work on this immediately. As we discussed over the weekend, a major Democratic pollster, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, found that when voters hear about the Republican plan, they hate it.

Noting the results, Nate Silver said, “Clearly there is political upside for Dems in attacking Ryan budget, however, they also have a lot of work to do to inform voters about it.”

That work apparently begins in earnest today.

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