The University of Virginia plans to renovate the room once occupied by Edgar Allan Poe, who attended the school briefly.

According to a piece in the Huffington Post:

An honor society that bears the name of one of Edgar Allan Poe’s major works is planning to renovate the room where the renowned poet and mystery writer lived during his short stint as a student at the University of Virginia.

The Raven Society won a $15,500 grant from an endowment established by the U.Va. Alumni Association to refurbish Poe’s room at 13 West Range. Work is to begin this summer as part of a broader renovation of a handful of nearby student rooms at the Charlottesville school.

Technically, since Poe attended UVA from 1826 to 1827, the room he occupied has probably been renovated many, many times.

The Raven Society has maintained the room since 1907, though not always entirely accurately. By the new renovation the society intends to make the room he occupied reasonably historically accurate.

Well, except for that sound system that plays a tape on continuous loop about Poe’s time at the university. That’s not really original. [Image via]

Daniel Luzer

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