We’ll probably learn later today whether Mike Huckabee is running for president, but while we wait, it’s worth appreciating what else for the former Arkansas governor is up to.

This week, Huckabee launched a new educational company called Learn Our History. As the Fox News personality sees it, mean liberals have destroyed history lessons, and he intends to put things right. “America’s youth aren’t excited about our past because they’re being taught history in a way that minimizes what has made America a beacon of hope around the world for over 200 years,” Huckabee said in a press release.

As part of the Learn Our History approach, kids will follow the wacky adventures of an animated group of kids who offer lessons by riding their bikes to the past. Those who buy Learn Our History’s shameless, nationalistic propaganda lessons will finally get “historically accurate and unbiased education.”

And what, pray tell, does “historically accurate and unbiased education” look like? Apparently, it looks like this.

YouTube video

As one wise observer put it, “Zombie Reagan saved America from the blacks, the Disco, the terrorists, the Russians, and maybe in a future chapter the alien invasion.”

It’s true. Knife-wielding black people wearing disco t-shirts were apparently a real problem, right up until January 1981.

In case there are any doubts, I should emphasize that this is, in fact, real. It’s not a parody and it’s not satire. Mike Huckabee is selling these videos — for, you know, actual money — in order to “correct the ‘blame America first’ attitude prevalent in today’s teaching.”

Suckers Consumers who purchase the products will get to hear animated characters explain, for example, “Reagan believes we can do anything. We just have to get the government out of the way!”

Just think — if Huckabee passes on a national campaign, he’ll be able to focus on promoting these cartoons all the time.

Don’t quit your day job, Mike.

[Note: In early 2012, Learn Our History changed the name of the videos. The video series is now called TimeCycle Academy. –Eds.]

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