The Koch Brothers’ attack operation is all class.

The state director of the conservative group Americans for Prosperity offered no apologies today for papering homes in Detroit’s Delray district Monday with fake eviction notices.

Bearing the words “Eviction Notice” in large type, the bogus notices told homeowners their properties could be taken by the Michigan Department of Transportation to make way for the New International Trade Crossing bridge project.

Apparently, if this bridge project goes forward, it’s likely to draw traffic and toll revenue away from a nearly privately-owned bridge. So, Americans for Prosperity is lobbying heavily against the state project, and the Koch-financed group’s campaign now includes fake eviction notices.

AFP said the flyers were intended to get local residents’ attention. To that extent, the stunt worked — it caused panic among many families in struggling communities who thought they were losing their homes.

Atrios asked, “What is wrong with these people?

I wonder the same thing every day. I’m left with the impression that right-wing attack dogs like those with Americans for Prosperity have no sense of limits and no concept of integrity.

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