Fox Business’ Eric Bolling, well on his way to becoming cable news’ most offensive media personality, recently dabbled in racism, blasting President Obama for “chugging 40s” during a visit to Ireland.

Friday, Bolling’s abandoned any sense of pretense with his racist rhetoric.

During the opening of Fox Business’ Follow the Money on Friday, Eric Bolling teased a segment about the White House hosting the president of Gabon by saying, “Guess who’s coming to dinner? A dictator. Mr. Obama shares a laugh with one of Africa’s kleptocrats. It’s not first time he’s had a hoodlum in the hizzouse.” […]

As Bolling said that Obama had previously hosted “a hoodlum in the hizzouse,” footage of the rapper Common aired. […]

Later in the show, Bolling teased the segment again: “Smile for the birdie. Our president’s sitting with one of Africa’s most wanted. It’s not the first time he’s had a hood in the big crib.” This time, an image of Bongo with a flashing tooth showed up as Bolling said, “Smile for the birdie.”

Bolling began the segment itself by saying, in part, “So what’s with all the hoods in the hizzy?”

During the on-air segment itself, Bolling added that Obama and Gabonese president, Ali Bongo, perhaps “watched a basketball game” together.

Can you count the racial inferences? Don’t overlook “Guess who’s coming to dinner?” which is an interesting choice of words in this context.

From time to time, conservatives will insist that the right’s unbridled, unhinged hatred of the president has nothing to do with race. Fox’s Eric Bolling offers ample evidence to the contrary.

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