By Matthew Kahn

Malibu has some nice coastal property and the rich want to live it up on their private property but the state’s Coastal Commission wields some power. Do you feel sorry for The Edge?

To quote the article;

“The proposal led by the musician, whose real name is David Evans, called for five multilevel homes of up to 12,785 square feet to be built on 156 acres in the Santa Monica Mountains. Project designers said the homes would have the top green building certifications and the guitarist said the mansions would be some of the most environmentally sensitive in the world.

Project opponents, including the National Park Service, however, said the development would scar the expansive ridgeline. The musician and his partners had earlier appeased one of its staunchest opponents, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, after agreeing to give the agency more than $1 million, dedicate nearly 100 acres to open space and provide public access to hiking trails.”

Jonathan Zasloff and I have investigated the land use consequences of the CCC.

Matthew Kahn is a Professor at the UCLA Institute of the Environment, the Department of Economics, the Department of Public Policy and the Anderson School of Business.

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