In the fall Georgia’s Columbus State University will offer its first master’s degree in education, a new program designed for college administrators. What, exactly, it’s designed to help college administrators to do is a little vague.

According to a piece at NBC-affiliated station WLTZ:

The new Master’s of Education with a concentration in higher education is designed to provide individuals with an interdisciplinary approach to serve as administrators and leaders in a variety of higher education settings.

Darryl Holloman, the university’s assistant vice president for student affairs and a professor in the college, was a driving force behind the establishment of this new program. “This new track was designed in response to student requests,” Holloman said. “College and university enrollment is growing in Georgia, and this program will prepare the next generation of leaders to deal with demands of an ever-changing student population.”

This academic program, which includes courses like “Obtaining and Using Resources Wisely” (you’ve got that figured out, Columbus State?) seems like another unnecessary one.

It’s unlikely that ever-changing student population is really requesting (or even aware of) administrators with a master’s degree in higher education. But according to the program’s website, the degree could be a good way to “Make Your Move to a Leadership Position.” At least that the hope; there’s absolutely no record of success for this sort of thing. The course of study is also designed to be very convenient: “Completely Online – Finish in 15 months!”

The program appears to cost about $15,000.

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Daniel Luzer is the news editor at Governing Magazine and former web editor of the Washington Monthly. Find him on Twitter: @Daniel_Luzer