Filmmakers have created a new documentary about the problem of student debt. Default: the Student Loan Documentary, produced by Serge Bakalian and directed by Aurora Meneghello, looks at the trouble former college students have making payment on their loans.

According to an article by Maureen Henderson in Forbes:

Many of the borrowers featured in the film become emotional when they finally reveal on-camera the true extent of their debt. In, particular, Matt, a New York-based film school grad tears up as he admits that this is the first time he has actually uttered the six-digit number aloud. Meneghello says that ending the stigma and silence around loan debt is a key ingredient in creating a public dialogue on potential reform.

“We need to shift our thinking from blaming single individuals to finding solutions that can help our communities. Our film is about real people who cannot get married, cannot retire, experience depression and hopelessness because of their desire to get an education and better their future,” said Meneghello.

The filmmakers started making the movie four years ago, financed mostly with individual donations under $20. This is the trailer:

Default Trailer 3/18/09 from Default: the Student Loan Docume on Vimeo.

Check out the website for the movie here.

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