Today’s fun story is courtesy of the New York Post, which “reports” that some Jews are donating to Michele Bachmann because they mistakenly believe that she’s a Red Sea Pedestrian (via Goddard). No, I don’t really believe the (very thinly sourced) story; I think it’s just an excuse for the Post to trot out the much-hyped but little-verified story that Jews are deserting Barack Obama. But Jews who somehow pay enough attention to the political process to be ready to give money to Bachmann but not enough to know that she’s a Christian? I’m just not buying it without a lot more evidence.

However, as much as I expect that absolutely nothing from that Post story will turn out to be true, I do like the idea of  a presidential candidate who would deliberately spread false rumors of her own religion or ethnicity in order to raise money from exceptionally stupid donors. So, in order do help out, I’d like to present seven important Michele Bachmann little-known facts. Or, you know, sort of facts.

1. Visit the Bay of Pigs Museum? She’s Cuban! That’s it.

2. I heard that between them, her grandfathers played roughly 75% of all Irish cops in 1930s through 1950s movies.

3. Oddly enough, distant cousin of both Spiro Agnew and Olympia Dukakis, but not Michael Dukakis.

4. Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley…Michele Bachmann? Could be!

5. [This item would be in Spanish and point out that she’s Mexican, but unfortunately I’m not capable of producing it]

6. It’s funny; she sure doesn’t look Korean, and there’s no real evidence that she has any Korean connections, but still…you look at her, and just think: yup, Korean.

7. Forget it, Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney — I hear she’s LDS, all the way.

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Jonathan Bernstein

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