Those keeping an eye on foreign policy at all are no doubt aware of the sensitivity of the diplomatic moment regarding Israelis and Palestinians. It was against this backdrop that Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry decided to attack President Obama’s policy towards Israel — in New York, alongside a foreign national from the Knesset .

ThinkProgress posted an excerpt from MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” in which former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough characterized his party’s tactics as “dangerous” and “not good for our country,”

Reader F.B. sent along this longer clip, from later in the same program, which is also worth watching. Not only did Scarborough characterize Perry’s tactics as “reckless and irresponsible,” but even Dan Senor characterized the Texas governor’s move as “offensive.”

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Chuck Todd raised an especially good point: “Can you imagine if, in September of ’03, John Kerry or Howard Dean, coming to New York City, upset over the Iraq war, and standing with” a foreign official to condemn the sitting president.

I suspect it would have been treated as a campaign-killer in many circles. In contemporary Republican politics, though, Perry barely causes a ripple.

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