In another trick to save money, Southern University at Baton Rouge announces that next semester it will no longer have Fridays. The hell with that day of the week, it’s a luxury with which the school can no longer allow its spoiled students to indulge.

Really though, beginning next semester the school will no longer have Friday classes. According to an article by Jordan Blum in The Advocate:

Southern University is switching to a four-day class week in January by doing away with Friday courses, Chancellor James Llorens confirmed.

The university is making the switch to save on utility costs in buildings and to free up more time on Friday for student advising and faculty office hours, Llorens said.

“It’s more of a four-day class schedule than a four-day workweek,” Llorens said, emphasizing that employees will still work on Fridays.

The university will attempt to make up the time in part by offering longer classes during the rest of the week.

According to the article, computer science professor Sudhir Trivedi “emphasized that a change would not mean professors are working less. Fridays will just focus their time more on advising and academic research projects, he said.”

Yea, sure they will. And students won’t be drinking more on Thursday nights, either.

No word yet on how this dramatic reduction in class time is likely to change the school’s graduation rate. If there are fewer classes available, students will likely have more trouble taking the courses they need to graduate on time.

The institution’s graduation rate is currently 26 percent a>

Daniel Luzer

Daniel Luzer is the news editor at Governing Magazine and former web editor of the Washington Monthly. Find him on Twitter: @Daniel_Luzer