Among the many problems surrounding Ron Paul’s presidential campaign is the series of radical materials he published in the 1990s. Paul’s newsletters and fundraising appeals, as has been well documented, included racist, homophobic, and anti-Israeli propaganda, as well as bizarre conspiracy theories.

Paul, when asked about his publications, tends to stick to the same line: he didn’t write much of the content that went out under his name, and was unaware of the offensive content. In many instances, the Republican lawmaker now claims, he didn’t even read his own materials, and just didn’t pay much attention to the entire venture.

Paul may want to rethink this explanation. Andrew Kaczynski posts this previously unearthed video from 1995, in which the Texan not only acknowledges the “Ron Paul Survival Report,” but boasts about it.

On a related note, the New York Times reports today on Paul’s racist allies and outreach, and his reluctance to disavow the support of radicals. This isn’t exactly new, but as Paul’s notoriety as a presidential candidate increases, these associations warrant fresh scrutiny.

Steve Benen

Follow Steve on Twitter @stevebenen. Steve Benen is a producer at MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show. He was the principal contributor to the Washington Monthly's Political Animal blog from August 2008 until January 2012.