On Monday the editor of the The Daily Free Press, the student newspaper at Boston University, published the apology for the April Fool’s issue, which came out the day before.

As Chelsea Diana wrote:

We at The Daily Free Press want to apologize for the callous and ignorant stories we ran in our annual print-only April Fools’ Day issue on Monday, April 2. Our aim was to publish satirical material about Boston University as a whole, and we did not intend to perpetuate harmful stereotypes or inappropriately make light of serious issues.

Simply put, we should have exercised caution. Our decisions were juvenile and insensitive. We deeply regret our heartless behavior and did not mean to personally offend anyone.

Caution is not generally a characteristic of journalists on April Fool’s. Duly noted. BU’s newspaper, however, made a rape joke. Top story: ‘‘Seven frat dwarves were arrested last night after they allegedly drugged’’ and sexually assaulted a female Boston University student, identified as the ‘‘fairest of them all.’’


The school’s board of directors, reacting to the issue, demanded that Diana resign.

Don’t ever make rape jokes in satirical newspapers. Rape jokes don’t ever go over well. [Image via]

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