Ummmm. Writing about free bacon made me hanker for a BLT. Here are some side dishes:

* Ann Romney escalates Hilaryrosengate with appearance on Fox. This is getting just bizarre.

* Trayvon Martin’s mother goes on Today show to say her son’s encounter with George Zimmerman was an “accident” that “got out of hand.” Too bad the State of Florida encourages people in “accidents” to carry death-dealing weapons.

* Sunnunu says Obama’s three years of experience as POTUS not enough experience to qualify him to become POTUS.

* At TNR, you can read my argument that Santorum was done in not so much by cultural radicalism as by support for Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” agenda.

* Gingrich whines about Fox News at tiny gathering of activists in Delaware. Sic transit gloria.

And in non-political news:

* Amazon to cut e-book prices, in what is either boon to consumers or bid to create monopoly.

Back to regular blogging shortly.

UPDATE: Thanks to commenters for noting Today show appearance was by Trayvon Martin’s mother, not George Zimmerman’s. I’ve corrected it. My point about “accidents” in Florida stands.

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