It’s a beautiful day here in D.C., and time for me to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. But I’ll be back bright and early tomorrow with more. In the meantime, a few links to keep you busy:

*Somehow I don’t think my high school English-teacher sister is going to be replacing A Modest Proposal with this Sheila Bair op-ed anytime soon.

*Rep Virginia Foxx has ‘very little tolerance’ for people with student loans, and wants to know why they can’t work their way through like she did. Maybe someone should explain to her that rapid college tuition inflation + falling wages for workers with less than a college degree=working your way through school ain’t what it used to be?

*President’s Weekly Address pushes the Buffet Rule.

*How nuts is it that we live in a country that where we routinely feed pigs and cows so much antibiotics that it’s big news when the FDA says we should maybe restrict the practice to animals that are actually, you know, sick, but a human being can die for lack of access to those same drugs?

* Seeing Hilary Rosen’s name in the news so much this week reminded me of the cringe-inducing behavior of elected officials at the time of her retirement from RIAA (where her awesomeness was apparently then a subject of bipartisan agreement), including this embarrassing anti-piracy rap (lyrics here) by Mary Bono and Billy Tauzin.

*Did you know there’s a Titanic Memorial in D.C.? I did, but only because it’s right across the street from my home. A candlelight memorial service marking the Titanic Centennial will be held there this evening.

* Congratulations to Matt Yglesias and his lovely wife on getting married yesterday!

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