That’s all she wrote, folks. Thanks again for having me here. I keep up a pretty steady stream of child care coverage and eduwonkery at my Ed Week blog and twitter feed @saramead so please check those out if you’re interested. But for now:

*Economic policy debates would be a lot better if 23rd century BC ruler Sarru-kinu Sargon were more frequently cited in them.

*Could a 9th Circuit ruling striking down a ban on political advertising on public television lead to attack ads on Sesame Street? I sure hope not, but I’d love to see what the brilliant folks at Sesame Street (disc: I’ve worked with them in the past) would do with a character called “Shadowy Super-PAC.”

*I’m gonna follow Thumper’s advice and not say anything about this NYT piece on Andrew Breitbart.

*You get a couple extra days to do your taxes this year, but if you’re stuck inside doing them on this beautiful day, at least you can take comfort that you’re ahead of Mitt Romney.

*Be safe out there! Brad Plumer notes that tax day is a particularly dangerous day on the roads.

*To avoid the road rage, and combat the crisis in walking, I’m going to take one this afternoon.

*If you’re in D.C. and have Emancipation Day off tomorrow, enjoy–and remember to be grateful that, however far short our nation falls of our aspirations for it, we can still be incredibly grateful that one particularly dark chapter in our history is closed–and for the incredible people who gave their lives, honor, and passion to make that happen.

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