And welcome back to Miss Sara’s Sunday School for unrepentant politics watchers. I hope everyone had a lovely Saturday. Here’s hoping the two false fire alarms that evacuated my building yesterday afternoon don’t repeat themselves this morning.

Since today is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, a round-up of Titanic-oriented news and commentary:

*Timothy Noah cites contemporary observer Henry Adams, who barely missed sailing on the ship himself and drew parallels between the disaster and terrible GOP performance in the 1912 election:

At the very least, it’s interesting to ponder that 100 years ago a great mind contemplated the prospect of GOP self-destruction, just as we lesser minds do today. A significant difference is that some of us don’t feel particularly sad to see that great reactionary ship go down.

*ThinkProgress: James Cameron makes a connection between the hubris of the Titanic’s and our current unwillingness to serious grapple with climate change.

*The Titanic’s sinking spurred the creation of the International Ice Patrol, which monitors and warns vessels against icebergs in the same waterways (while there aren’t a lot of people traveling from Europe to the U.S. this way these days, it is an important shipping route). Fascination with the Titanic’s remains also spurred advances in underwater imagining.

In non-Titanic news, more details about the allegations of misconduct by Secret Service agents in Columbia.

Thoughts and prayers for Iowa and Oklahoma tornado victims.

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