Haven’t done one of these in a while…it’s an occasional item about things that aren’t in the news or haven’t happened, which is therefore newsworthy.

1. Minimum wage as a campaign issue, or for that matter a minimum wage dust-up in Congress. Seems like a natural for the Democrats. James Galbraith has been pushing it, but most Democratic pols seem oddly uninterested.

2. A third party candidate. Yes, Americans Elect is around, and nailing down ballot positions all over the place, but still no high-profile candidate. For context: Ross Perot’s kick-off on Larry King was on February 20, 1992; John Anderson began his campaign some time after the Wisconsin primary, which was on April 1. So it’s getting late, although the Americans Elect ballot line is certainly a wild card.

3. The Presidential Election Campaign Fund. Those who go back earlier than the 2008 cycle might remember when the big danger was that it would run out of money. It’s now presumably overflowing with money, no? Oh, this is also an excuse to link to what I wrote about related campaign finance stuff over at Post Partisan today.

4. Toss up between gun control and, of course, the Fairness Doctrine. I’m getting scared though, that Republicans are really giving up on the fantasy that Democrats are going to bring back the Fairness Doctrine any minute now.

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