Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, may be in prison until he dies, but at least he’s keeping up with his college classmates. According to an article by Alli Knothe in the Boston Globe:

[Kaczynski] won’t be able to attend his 50th reunion festivities at Harvard College. But he did contribute a bizarre entry to the alumni report for the class of 1962.

[While many of his classmates sent in lengthy updates on their lives for the 2-inch-thick “red book,” the entry for “Theodore John Kaczynski” only contains nine lines.


Awards: eight life sentences.

The Harvard Alumni Association explained to Knothe that the Kaczynski entry was “within the guidelines set for the book” and, thus, will probably be included in the directory sent to all other 1962 graduates. [Image via]

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