Thanks, Animals, for stopping by and joining in the conversation today. My big takeaway from y’all? As a convo-starter, motorcycles trump politics any day. Or maybe the politics of motorcycles trump the politics of politics. Or something.

On my way out the door, I leave you with a few bits to ponder:

* A spate of recent robberies and arson attacks against women’s health facilities in Georgia has drawn the attention of the FBI, which is investigating. The National Abortion Federation issued an alert to clinics across the country.

* The New York Times has a poignant story about the price of standing for marriage equality in North Carolina, as experienced by one gay businessman.

* Syria: From a place that serves up only horrible news these days, something even more horrible than usual, via the Washington Post.

On the lighter side:

* Obama declares himself the “twoosh-master” after executing perfect 140-character tweet during first-ever White House Twitter Q&A session. Via Politico.

* There’s something really weird going on between John Edwards and four female alternate jurors at his campaign finance/conspiracy trial that involves apparent color-coordination and flirtation.

* At Hullabaloo, digby offers up an amusing mash-up of “issue alerts” from the Islamophobic Web site,

* And the New Yorker‘s Steve Coll on why he’s unfriending you.

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