Morning Links

Hello again folks, Ryan here. Ed is still dealing with a family issue, so I’ll be filling in a bit again today. Send your prayers, thoughts, and karmic vibrations Ed’s way. Until I get underway, here are some things from around the web.

1. BP demands scientist emails over a Gulf spill lawsuit. I’m sure that’s just honest need for information. After all, it’s not like political hacks have ever combed through thousands of emails in order to cherry-pick quotes for a smear campaign.

2. Very interesting post and graph on over-diagnosis. Thyroid cancer diagnoses exploding but deaths flat.

3. Very sharp article on the rise and fall of Occupy Wall Street.

4. Jason Alexander shows how to apologize for an offensive joke. A true gentleman.

5. George Soros gave an excellent (though long) speech on the fate of the Eurozone. Three months to act, he says, or it’s done.

Ryan Cooper

Ryan Cooper is national correspondent for the Week, and a former web editor for the Washington Monthly.