A recent proposal by the Ohio board of regents would outlaw smoking on all public college campuses.

According to an Associated Press article in The Vindicator:

A measure urging a ban on tobacco on Ohio’s public college campuses will be presented to the state’s higher education board, the board chairman said.

Ohio Board of Regents Chairman James Tuschman plans to introduce the resolution at a regents meeting this month, The Plain Dealer newspaper in Cleveland reported Monday. “It’s the right thing to do,” Tuschman said.

I guess, but it doesn’t seem like a very important thing to do.

College tuition in Ohio, for instance, is among the highest in the nation. According to the College Board, the national 2011-2012 average undergraduate in-state tuition for public four-year colleges is $8,043 a year. The Ohio state school average is almost $1,000 more. That might be a slightly more important thing for the Regents to work on than people’s personal health decisions.

Ohio law already bans smoking in most workplaces. The Regents ban would prevent people from smoking outside on public campuses

Arkansas, Iowa and Oklahoma have smoke-free policies at all state colleges.

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