Glad to get to the end of this one, friends. But there’s actually a bit more news:

* Rangel primary challenger finally concedes. Wonder if Charlie ever thought of an ironic retirement to Bimini.

* Jonathan Bernstein hammers in essential point that GOP agenda for dealing with bad economy precisely the same as GOP agenda for dealing with good economy or no economy.

* Allen West outraged that “liberal media” reported him as comparing Social Security to slavery. It was just the socialist inclusion of the disabled in Social Security he was talking about! Glad we cleared that up.

* Romney/RNC raise $106 million in June, Obama/DNC raise $71 million.

* Dan Rather gives Newsroom five stars so far, or about three more than I’d give it.

And in non-political news:

* Remembering Ernest Borgnine.

Gonna crash, and will come back much stronger tomorrow.

But first, a little more Guadalcanal Diary:


Ed Kilgore

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