Thank you, Animals, for another delightful weekend back-and-forthing with you all. Time for me to go back to my day job at AlterNet, and prepare to hit the campaign trail.

In the meantime, until Brother Kilgore’s return, I leave you with a few tidbits for your consideration:

* Bob Schieffer, host of CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” was caught off-guard on his show today when CBS aired a Mitt Romney ad that featured — Bob Schieffer. What was Schieffer doing in that ad? Asking the Obama campaign’s David Axelrod: “Whatever happened to hope and change?”

* On the Maddow Blog, Political Animal alum Steve Benen has a post on Romney’s outreach to religious right leaders, including James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Richard Land and Ralph Reed.

* INCYMI, on Friday, David Brooks, NYT’s other brilliant conservative columnist, served up an essay that is simply stunning in its condescension and the lack of self-awareness displayed. In an attempt to rebut Chris Hayes’ new book, Twilight of the Elites, Brooks wrote that “meritocratic elites” actually work more hours than the poor, “driving their kids to piano lessons and then taking part in conference calls from the waiting room.” This inspired my Twitter meme, #GruelingWorkByElites. Please join me! And don’t forget to also add the hashtag #DavidBrooks .

* Politico reports that Herman Cain’s superPAC appears to be designed to fund his own non-profit. (Why am I not surprised?)

* And for those in the D.C. area who possess hidden talents they’d love to unveil before a captive audience, the Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is conducting auditions for those who wish to entertain commuters at subway stops. Your pay? Nada. “Grant money that provided stipends in previous years is no longer available,” reports the Washington Post. That was the deal-breaker for me. No ukulele-plinking lefty journo for you, D.C. commuters!

Thanks to Political Animal readers, and especially to Ed Kilgore and Paul Glastris for having me on board this weekend. If you tweet, please follow me on Twitter: @addiestan, and stop by AlterNet to leave a comment. Have a good week, all.

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