In the last three days, Mitt Romney and his campaign have:

1) At best lied about and at worst divulged confidential conversations with the Australian foreign minister;

2) Been unable to distinguish “Russia” from “the Soviet Union”;

3) Used crude racial/ethnic stereotyping that even the Torygraph thinks is over-the-top; and now

4) Insulted Great Britain and elicited a miffed push-back from the British Prime Minister.

And this doesn’t even include his vague and vapid bluster about Iran and China. And note, none of this can simply be ascribed to misspeaking. As Dave Weigel notes in Slate, for example, Romney’s position on Russia really does see it as the Soviet Union.

If anything, Fareed Zakaria is too kind when he refers to Romney’s foreign policy as “strangely amateurish.” It isn’t strange: it is the actual flowering of a Republican Party ideology that thinks being a bull-in-the-china-shop exudes “strength.” Dick Cheney seems like a wise man in comparison. I suppose that’s what one should expect of a man who writes a book called No Apologiesand then changes it in the paperback edition in order to suck up to the Tea Party.

Romney just isn’t ready for prime-time: how much more trouble will he get the country into if he is elected President?

[Cross-posted at The Reality-based Community]

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Jonathan Zasloff is a professor of law at the University of California, Los Angeles.