At the circus, the elephant [sic] is always followed by a dedicated crew equipped with large shovels and stiff brooms. Sometimes the guy with the follower spot slips up and a shovel guy comes into view doing his job. Why did this memory pop into my head?

Romney is in serious trouble on grounds of honesty and decency. What he needs is to give a speech to the nation, looking right into the camera, and talk about his wife’s modest cloth riding habit. It’s important that he do this with his faithful dog right next to him…wait a minute…OK, hold the dog. Speaking of Seamus, though, I wonder why that story got stuck on the dog. Shouldn’t it really be about the stinginess and inconsiderate nature of a ‘devoted family man’ with all the money in the world – who won’t rent a second car so his big family can drive twelve hours in reasonable comfort; getting the dog off the roof is almost a side issue.

Lawrence O’Donnell unloaded admirably on the audience of Mitt’s Boca Raton evening tonight. His sermon was on the word stupid, also hateful. It seems that not a single person in that room – beneficiaries of zillions of dollars’ worth of education and privilege, and hundreds of hours of sitting in churches being preached at, all masters in their domains who give orders and decide stuff – not one stood up to take issue with ol’ Mitt about anything, or walked out in disgust. What a shabby, cowardly, lot. Unless, of course, the missing two minutes of tape was when they rose as one and rejected Mitt’s discourse…and then sat down again and wallowed in it.

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Michael O'Hare is a Professor of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley.