As part of a public effort to encourage college students to pursue vegetarian options, many colleges have started meatless Mondays, where college dining halls agree not to not serve meet one day a week.

California’s to Chico State University was one of them. It didn’t work out so well.

According to an article by Larry Mitchell in the Oroville Mercury-Register:

A long online debate flared up after the Associated Students Dining Services accepted an invitation from the Humane Society of the United States to join a campaign called “Meatless Monday.”

To A.S. Dining Services officials, it sounded like a catchy way to promote the plan to offer, on Mondays, vegetarian cuisine at one of the five “stations” where students select food at Sutter Hall. So they agreed to participate.

And then, apparently, people became annoyed.

Rumblings about the decision were heard soon after [the human society] issued a news release last week praising the Chico decision on Meatless Monday. Dave Daley, associate dean of Chico State’s College of Agriculture said he learned of the matter when he got an emailed from an unhappy woman who’d graduated in agriculture from the university. She couldn’t understand why Chico State, with its important agricultural component, would affiliate itself with HSUS, which she characterized as a zealous animal-rights organization out to end animal production altogether.

It aims to put an end to factory farming, yes. But Chico State relented, sort of.
The college will continue not to serve meet on Mondays. It will, however, “drop the Meatless Monday connection.”

Um, what?

The whole point of the program is to undermine global agribusiness and promote sustainable food. If you think there’s no problem with global agriculture, fine, go ahead and serve meet. If not, you’re making that decision, and stand up for it.

If you don’t serve meet on Monday, it’s a meatless Monday. [Image via]

Daniel Luzer

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