Conservative cultural critic Dihesh D’Souza, having committed the grievous sin of sharing a hotel room with a woman to whom he was not married has apparently been forced to resign the presidency of King’s College, a New York City institution of higher learning devoted to “the truths of Christianity and a biblical worldview.”

According to an article by Melissa Steffan in Christianity Today:

“The Board of Trustees of The King’s College in New York City has accepted the resignation of its president, Dinesh D’Souza, effective immediately,” the board’s statement said. Board chairman Andy Mills will be appointed as interim president.
“We have thoroughly considered all of the facts as we know them, and after careful consultation with our board and with Dinesh, have concluded it to be in the best interest of the college to accept this resignation,” Mills said.

D’Souza’s initial appointment to the college presidency was a matter of some controversy not, you know, because liberals see him as a homophobic racist, but because he was a Roman Catholic. King’s is affiliated with the evangelical protestant tradition in Christianity.

Theologian Carl Trueman explained to Steffan that “by and large, evangelicals functionally tend to be concerned more about morality than about doctrine. Ironically it is likely to be his adultery rather than his Roman Catholicism that limits his usefulness to evangelicals.”

Well, perhaps it’s technically adultery, but D’Souza has been separated from his wife for two years.

UPDATE: Well it turns out the woman with whom he shared the hotel room was also married, and recently so, which does sort of change things.

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