Good morning, Animals! How good it is to be back, and thank you to Brother Kilgore and Boss Glastris for making it so.

Was that some week or what?! I’m speaking of the one just past, of course — quite worthy of that interrobang, what with the DeMint defection, the Armey retreat, the Michigan coup and the promise of a Supreme test of marriage equality.

If I promised to try to make sense of any of this for you, I would fail, for sure. The dons and capos of Republican Party, for instance, are behaving in ways that continue to confound, except for those in Michigan, where vengeance on the unions who helped re-elect President Barack Obama, and on the voters who loved the auto bailout, appears to be the order of the day.

Then there was the failure of the U.S. Senate to ratify a U.N. treaty on the rights of disabled people, apparently because of the threat of an invasion of blue-helmeted foreign troops who would purportedly make American parents send their children to public schools, where many bad things, such as science, are taught. (More on this later this weekend.)

And speaking of international things, a gander around the globe is enough to chill the soul, so I’ll just call out the names of some far-flung places Americans don’t really care about: Syria, Gaza, Uganda, Congo, Egypt. Oh, and Afghanistan. Always Afghanistan.

So grab your coffee mug, and settle in for a schmooze. We’ve got lots to talk about.