Time to get back to the work of actually living (as opposed to blogging) — you know, eating one’s lunch, playing one’s ukulele, getting one’s groceries in a place where you’re likely to run into senators and pollsters while you order your chicken at an actual butcher’s stall at Eastern Market.

It looks to be a beautiful day out there on Capitol Hill, where your guest blogstress makes her home, and a little sun might do her pasty, blogstress face some good.

Meanwhile, the world spins on. A few notes to consider:

* In a departure from its 2009 policy, the Obama administration is soliciting corporate donations of $1 million for exclusive access to inaugural events, reports the New York Times.

* After receiving a ringing endorsement from Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, Uganda President Yoweri Museveni muscled through Parliament an oil-sector bill that Angelo Izama of the Open Society Foundation said amounted to “handing over an ATM (cash) machine” Museveni and his government, Reuters reports. Meanwhile, Uganda’s “kill the gays” bill is back in play.

* The nation lost one of its most talented and dedicated organizers when Jon Kest, a founder of the Working Families Party, died this week of cancer at the age of 57. Perhaps you heard about the fast-food workers’ strike in New York City earlier this month? Kest organized them, on the heels of a devastating family tragedy, the death of his 23-year-old daughter, Jessie Streich-Kest, during Hurricane Sandy.

* In Roswell, N.M., a handgun and ammo were found in a case of meat as it was unpacked by a grocery store worker.

* An Epic Hug: Former Fla. governor Charlie Crist becomes a Democrat, hopes to become a governor again. LGBT people are waiting for word of movement on Crist’s former opposition to marriage equality.

Until tomorrow….

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