So, as I mentioned in my opening post, everybody here in the Village, as digby likes to call it, is all abuzz about what kind of deal the president and House Speaker John Boehner might arrive at in order to avert the pile of automatic spending cuts that will go into effect on January 1 if no deficit-cutting agreement is reached.

Among the Very Serious People who sometimes admit me to their enclaves, strictly with a non-voting observer status, the talk has now turned to, well, if raising the Medicare eligibility age is off the table, then what should Obama offer Boehner in exchanges for raising the tax rates on the wealthy? After all, you gotta give the guy some cover, the reasoning goes.

So I turn to you, dear Animals, to offer your suggestions in the comments section below. For a point of reference, I’m including this delicious bit from last night’s Saturday Night Live, which was actually pretty funny. (Jay Pharoah’s Obama is dead on.)