I take no position on the great Zooey Deschanel question that divides feminists and hipsters everywhere (she tends to attract a lot of haters, but also some defenders, from both groups). I haven’t seen enough of Deschanel’s work to from an opinion of her (although I did like her in Elf).

But in this video? She and Joseph Gordon-Levitt* are pretty freaking adorable — to my taste at least, they’re safely on the charming rather than annoying side of the “cute” divide. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re singing a great Frank Loesser tune.

Have a Happy New Year, everybody!

YouTube video

*Fun fact about Joseph Gordon-Levitt: did you know that his grandfather was Michael Gordon, director of such highly entertaining classic Hollywood concoctions as the Rock Hudson-Doris Day comedy Pillow Talk and the hardboiled melodrama I Can Get It For You Wholesale? The latter film, featuring a tough-as-nails Susan Hayward as a woman clawing her way to the top in NYC’s garment industry, is about three-quarters of a terrific movie until it sadly loses its nerve and goes all soft. It’s still well worth checking out, though — it should be much better known.

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