One of the differences in the politics of legalized abortion and the politics of same-sex marriage has been that even though it’s pretty much the same people who oppose both, the former issue draws some additional heat from the widespread belief of anti-choice folk that we are living through a Nazi-style Holocaust in which a majority of Americans are playing sheeplike Germans while they are the small, brave band of resistance fighters–yea, the Confessing Church! It’s just really difficult to make a case for same-sex marriage hurting anybody, so once the ick! factor fades and the heterosexual monopoly on marriage is no longer the eternal practice of all societies, the opposition crumbles, or at least finds something else to rant about, pretty rapidly.

Ah, but for those who refuse to submit, or to change the subject, we may actually see more violent rhetoric used to oppose marriage equality. Check out this report from RightWingWatch’s Brian Tashman:

Alan Keyes once again appeared on Stan Solomon’s talk show, this time to discuss their stringent opposition to marriage equality.

After host, Steve Davis, claimed that just because they “oppose homosexual marriage or homosexual adoptions, it doesn’t mean that we’re homophobes,” Solomon insisted that he is indeed a homophobe.

“Speak for yourself,” Solomon said, “I can’t stand the thought, the idea, the concept of homosexuality.”

“I don’t think I’m showing love for anyone if I encourage them or enable them or stand silently while they do something that’s going to kill them; the average homosexual lives half the adult life of the average heterosexual, fact,” Solomon maintained, as he went on to comparing homosexuality to drug abuse, drunk driving and swimming with sharks.

Keyes, who kicked his daughter out of his house after she came out of the closet, agreed with Solomon’s anti-gay statements.

Later, Keyes attacked Sen. Rob Portman’s for endorsing marriage equality after learning that his son is gay: “If you go down a road that satisfies your personal predilections and relationships and sacrifices the common good of the country, including the elementary institution by which civilization is sustained, then you’re not only derelict in your public duty, you are abandoning your obligation as a human being.”

“Frankly, people throw around words like ‘crime against humanity,’ I think that kind of disregard for the God-endowed natural rights of human being is the archetype of all crimes against humanity,” Keyes concluded, “and I think we have an entire elite faction that is now committed to committing such a crime against the American people.”

Sure, Alan Keyes is a wacko bird, but this sort of rhetoric may actually spread among the Righteous Remnant resisting not only marriage equality but basic acceptance of LGBT folk. Here he argues his ideological enemies are engaged in a crime against humanity, or are perhaps themselves sub-human. We all know where that sort of thinking can lead.

Ed Kilgore

Ed Kilgore is a political columnist for New York and managing editor at the Democratic Strategist website. He was a contributing writer at the Washington Monthly from January 2012 until November 2015, and was the principal contributor to the Political Animal blog.