Lunch Buffet

Resolved this morning to rewatch the movie version of Inherit the Wind, the dramatized version of the Scopes trial. Those fascinated with William Jennings Bryan’s role in the case might be interested in my 2006 Washington Monthly review of the Michael Kazin’s fine Bryan biography, in which he argued compellingly that Bryan’s opposition to evolution was not some sort of anti-progressive late-life aberration.

And now for some mid-day snacks:

* In second special session, Texas legislature takes first formal step towards passage of stalled abortion restriction bill, with plenty of time to make filibuster ineffective.

* Abortion restriction bill races towards passage in NC House, grafted onto motorcycle safety measure (unlike Senate, that used Shariah Law legislation as vehicle).

* Romney to headline NH GOP fundraiser. Musta been a gridlocked vote over alternative speakers.

* Speaking of has-beens: George W. Bush tries to rekindle momentum for immigration reform. Way too little, way too late.

* TNR’s Laura Bennett examines CNN’s monomaniacal investment in the Zimmerman trial.

And in sorta non-political news:

* Elisabeth Hasselbeck formally leaves The View for her new gig on Fox & Friends.

Let’s have some more monkey music:

Back after a banana break.

Ed Kilgore

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