It’s going to be an exciting couple of months for comet-watchers. Comet ISON is approaching the sun and, if it survives, it may create quite a show as it boomerangs back around toward us. Then, in January, Comet Siding Spring is going to come so close to Mars that the Martian environment will be enveloped in its tail. I’m glad that that is happening there, and not here.

Apparently, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the monarch of Oman, played a a key role in the U.S.-Iran negotiations. He travels with his own orchestra.

A loya jirga in Afghanistan has approved a Bilateral Security Agreement with the United States and urged President Hamid Karzai to sign it. The Taliban referred to the agreement as “slavery.”

I don’t understand the point of rooting for the N.Y. Jets.

It looks like a winter storm is going to disrupt people’s travel plans on the East Coast.

When it comes to Iran, I feel like Benjamin Netanyahu is the boy who cried wolf. He keeps yelling “danger, danger,” but fewer and fewer people take him seriously. Frankly, I think all the hyperventilating might really about something else entirely.

How do you arrest a man 62 times for trespassing at his place of work? That’s messed up.

A philosophical question: if Al Sharpton says something that doesn’t fit the right-wing narrative, does it make a sound?

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