So I wonder what bigots do when they get MLK Day off as a holiday? Complain about it?

Here are some midday news/views snacks for a Lite Holiday Blogging menu:

* NY Times discusses “messy divorce” between Christie and MSNBC. If that’s what it is, network doing well in property settlement (ratings).

* Hard to say if Obama comments on marijuana laws in Remnick interview are a nudge or a push.

* Keller offers tribute to “unsung hero of civil rights,” GOP congressman William M. McCulloch, ranking Republican on House Judiciary Committee when Civil Rights Act introduced and enacted.

* At TNR Sean Wilentz draws attention to illiberal tendencies he finds in backgrounds of Snowden, Greenwald and Assange.

* Terror threats aimed at Sochi Olympics getting pretty real and immediate.

And in non-political news:

* Another Velveeta shortage? USDA orders recall of 1.77 million pounds of Cheesy Skillet Singles (Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac flavor) by Kraft for labeling omission.

As we break for lunch, the hymn most associated with the King-era civil rights movement is “We Shall Overcome.” The choir at my own little California church sang this yesterday, but we sure couldn’t sing it like Mahalia Jackson:

YouTube video

Here’s a different take from the Morehouse College Glee Club:

YouTube video

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